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The Information Highway and Our Children

When six year old Kelly Johnson from Anywhere, USA, arrives at school for her first day in the first grade, she barely has time to give her father a kiss good-bye. She leaps from the car and excitedly dashes to her classroom where she rushes by her new teacher, selects a desk in the front and promptly activates her computer. It is here that she can have any question known to mankind answered and can communicate with children all over the world, and she is very excited to get started. Since it's the first day of school, the computer speaks to her and asks her to type in her name. Kelly types in her name and is registered instantly as a class member on the Global Information Superhighway. Kelly's teacher has been communicating by electronic mail (e-mail) over the summer with several teachers in other countries and has made arrangements for their classrooms to work together across the year on projects. By the end of the week, Kelly is staying late after school to e-mail her computer drawings of animals in her community to children in the other countries (and to her grandparents in another state). By the end of the year, Kelly and her classmates are locating photographs, video clips and information from around the world; sharing stories, drawings and science experiments with other students; and engaging in live, interactive video discussions of similarities and differences in their cultures, attitudes and activities with students in other countries.